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Hello gentle readers

In the last couple of days my follower count went up by 25 so I figured it was time I welcomed all the new people and introduced myself a little bit to all the followers, old and new, who don’t know me from Live Journal back in the day.

I go by Kristina K. I’m from Croatia. I read a lot. I sometimes write, too (not as much as I used to, unfortunately), and I watch a lot of UK, US and Canadian TV shows. Things you will find on this blog:

-       ladies

-       ladies who dig other ladies

-       ladies in TV shows/movies/books/sports that dig other ladies

-       ladies in TV shows/movies/books/sports that don’t necessarily dig other ladies in canon/RL but that doesn’t stop me from shipping them with other ladies that may or may not dig other ladies either

-       occasional fanfic when the feels get too intense and I need to let them out

-       kittens

-       food

As you can see, all the relevant stuff is covered.

The fandoms you’ll see me flail and have lots of ~feelings over:

-       Orphan Black

-       Person Of Interest

-       Marvel’s anything

-       Rookie Blue

-       The Blacklist

-       The Good Wife

-       Fringe

-       Legend of the Seeker

-       Lost Girl

-       Carmilla the web series

-       any other interesting TV show/book/movie that has a (kick ass. I have such weakness for female characters who kick ass and blow stuff up) character in it because women are awesome. The listed above are just the ones I lose my shit over the most.

Feel free to ask me anything. My inbox is open to all of you, especially if you have the need to discuss felings and otps.

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